A blog post/review will be in my own words.
Reviews will not be provided before their public release.
Reviews will not be a recap of the product specs and the product will be thoroughly tested.
Reviews conducted will never require payment.
Reviews will be posted when I post them. There cannot be a deadline assigned to a review unless explicitly agreed on.

If the product is a pre-release model, the hardware should be exactly the same as the product the customer will receive. Software differences are excluded.

Products that have glaring safety issues and would provide a danger to the user or during the review will not be accepted. Should it turn out that a product has a severe safety issue that is capable of damaging property or harming users, the product will be decommissioned and the review process halted. Any findings may still be published.

Up to a reasonable limit, I will try to resolve any issues that might arise during testing. Technical difficulties and challenges will be mentioned in the review.

If you require a provided product to be returned after review, please state this before sending.

If you are shipping from a non-EU country, please respect the applicable import declaration rules. Shipments that are improperly declared will be returned or destroyed by customs.
Always state the actual value of the product you ship. Products that do not conform to the standards for The Netherlands, may be destroyed by imports.