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After I implemented Veeam B&R at my employer, we adopted Veeam Backup for Microsoft O365. Again, no Chocolatey packages existed for this, so I created one.

Veeam has bundled Veeam B&R as an ISO. Lucky for us, Veeam for O365 is not. This software is bundled as an zip archive. Therefore it is easier to create a Chocolatey package. The zip archive is only 30MB in download. Therefore I decided that I did not need to create a download package.

There are 5 different Veeam for O365 Chocolatey packages. You are able to install all in one go, or install only what you need. Depending on the package, you’ll need to set some parameters to achieve this. You’ll find these parameters on the Chocolatey Package Page

Depending on your requirements, you can install all or only one of the packages. Please have a look at their package pages for more information.

On the website of vzilla there is an amazing how-to series that you could use to configure Veeam Backup for Microsoft O365. If you want to use this software, please have a look at his blog posts.